Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Missy and I Make a Decision

Missy and I had a long talk last night. Okay, fine, I did most of the talking and she just gobbled up treats and stood there listening to me, but just the same, we've come to the mutual decision that we're going to let Susie off the hook. She can keep the pictures that she stole of my beautiful Missy mare on her Facebook page. She can keep pretending that Missy is her horse. Because Missy and I know the truth (and so does my signature on her Bill of sale). We're going to be the better individuals and move on. I don't like drama, I'm non-confrontational, so forward is the direction we choose. And anyway, Missy figures that because Susie has pictures of her on her FB page (and Susie has nearly 700 friends...which is a lot more friends than I have on FB) that's all the more people that can admire her beautiful gorgeousness. I think Missy has the right attitude. What a good pony I have:)

And to my readers, Thank you for your input. I was pretty upset yesterday, and you made me feel like much less of overly-dramatic teenager. I will never be able to understand what possessed Susie to take those pictures, and as much as it feels like an invasion of privacy, I'm over it. So thank you for your words of encouragement; as always, I appreciate it dearly:)

Oh and Susie, you know who you are, but this honestly wasn't meant as some spiteful form of revenge or whatever. I simply needed advise for a situation you put me in. So if for some reason you would come across this post or it's predecessor, don't get all upset, because it was never my intent to be the bad guy here (hence why I didn't use your actual name)...Please, just remember that...



On a completely different note, I'm pretty sure I never posted pictures of my cupcake horses. Yes, you read that right, HORSES (as in plural). I made that first one for the barn Christmas party, and then another cupcake horse a week later for my sister's 7th birthday party!

 How'd I do?! I think they turned out kinda cute! I asked my sister if he wanted it done in different colors then just a bay, but she said no, she wanted it exactly like the first one I made...LOL. The only thing everyone at the Christmas party was disappointed about was the fact that I didn't make it look like Missy! And I thought I was doing the right thing by making a generic bay, as it was the barn Christmas party, not a celebration of my favorite horse...Geez, tough customers!


  1. Taking the high road is the better option, since no harm can come to you from doing so. Missy knows the truth!

  2. Kate: I agree:) Missy DEFINITELY knows who her treat dispenser is:)

  3. I think you did the right thing with Susie. People like that really aren't worth stressing over even though I think they secretly love all the drama. Love the cupcake horse, way cute!

  4. Glad your taking the high road. And the cupcake horses are adorable! I will have to try that sometime.

  5. Love the cupcake horses :) Awesome :)

    I think your doing the right thing and stepping forward :)

  6. You're wise beyond your years... good for you. :)

    And I love the cupcake horse cake!!

  7. Thanks guys, I honestly do appreciate it:)

    As for the cupcake horses, they are SUPER easy to make. I highly recommend giving it a try for any horse-themed party!

  8. Good for you....past is the past. Great cakes!!! Yummy!

  9. I love the cupcake horse cake! It's adorable! I'm going to try it soon.

  10. Love the cupcake horses!! Good for you for choosing to handle the situation better than some adults!


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