Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend Ride Pictures

I went home solely for the purpose of seeing The Mare this weekend and I decided to try to bribe my younger sister with a Pumpkin Spice Latte to come take a couple pictures of me and Miss (because I never have riding pictures and I wish I did). Thankfully my sister is easily bribed with Pumpkin Spiced beverages and she readily agreed:)

She actually did a pretty good job considering she's never used my camera and she got some pretty good pics!

Note: I insist you look at my adorable horse and NOT me. I don't ride enough currently and my position is $hi#. God could I please sit back and and pick up my hands...?! oh and the things I do with my inside leg when I trying to get The Mare to move laterally. Yuck. Who knows?! But yeah...The Mare is damn cute so look at her!

ThePintoMareFace is adorbs like for realz

This. Canter. OMG. so so so so so much improvement.

Even in this more awkward moment of the much more balance here. Obviously we still have a ways to go, but the difference from a year ago is tenfold.

Dorky smile lol


This is the exception...look at me, not my horse. I'm happy and smiling, she looks pissed about something lol

Of course on Sunday I noticed her LF shoe was hanging off. Sigh. Thankfully J called D to come fix it for me. They both are the best!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Epic Blogger Meet-up

I've had the opportunity to meet bloggers in the past, and its' always been a blast. You communicate with these people and they end up knowing so much about you that by the time you actually meet in person you feel like you've known them forever. It's pretty cool.

I've been reading Liz's blog pretty much since the beginning (I think we both started blogging around the same time) and a meet-up as been a long time in coming. We have long been aware that we live in the same state and she graduated from the school that I am currently attending (Let's Go Mountaineers!). I'm from the northern part of WV and she lives farther south, so a meet-up before now was more difficult. However, college has brought me closer to where Liz lives so we have been discussing getting together for a while.

Well is finally happened last weekend. We only got 24 hours, but man were they jam packed and awesome!

On Friday the 5th I met up with a mutual friend of mine and Liz's who was going home and she delivered me to Liz. I didn't get to Liz until about 7:30 that night, but she quickly picked me up and off to the barn we went. Just the way I like it!

And how I mentioned that meeting-up with fellow bloggers feels like you've known them your whole life? Yeah Liz and I were no exception. We totally hit it off from moment one! We share so many of the same philosophies and thought processes, it was so good to find friendship in like-minded horse person!

When we got to her barn Q and Griffin were there, ears pricked and waiting for us! I totally felt like I was meeting celebrities. Love those horses. Q is such a sweet mare and Griffin has truly grown into such a nice-looking horse. He's come a long way from his baby days, that is for sure!


Liz fed the horses while I got to grooming Q. We tacked them up, Liz tossed me a head lamp for my helmet (safety first!) and before long we were hitting the trails. Liz posts such pretty pictures of the area that she lives in, but man was it cool seeing it for myself. Her barn has such great trails and I had a blast testing out the Qmare for myself. She's a little smaller than Missy but I much prefer smaller horses to the giants. None of that 17hh bull shit for me, thank you very much. What I really couldn't get over was what  BIG mover Q is for a little horse. She really steps out and has nice gaits (I would learn this even more the next day). I had so much fun chatting with Liz and testing out her truly awesome mare!

It was pretty dark by the time we got back to the barn, so we un-tacked the horses and took care of them for the night and then Liz grabbed the tack she needed to clean for the horse show the next day and we headed back to her house. Mike met us there and he and Liz proceeded to cook a fabulous yummy. I was so thankful for a nice shower and conversation (while Transformers played in the background. Very good background movie lol). Before long we hit the hay (yes I did just use a horse pun) and I cuddled in bed with Hodor and Atticus, Liz's hilarious cats (can I just say that I have so much respect for someone who names their cats Hodor and Atticus?! Like for real, best names ever...says the To Kill a Mockingbird and Game of Thrones lover lol).

6:45 am came a little too quickly, I'll admit that much! But it was oh-so worth it because Liz and I were heading to a horse show!

Brief sidenote: holy crap, Liz has the most beautiful view out her front door, I could hardly believe it. Not only is there a pasture full of horses, but there are gorgeous hill behind them. It's truly stunning and I'm jealous that that is what she wakes up to every single morning! 



We got to the barn, fed and bathed the horses, loaded them and all the tack up and off we went!

We got to the arena grounds shortly after 9 (Liz's county just recently built this's quite nice and the view is beautiful. I wish they would do something like this where I live! My only complaint about this place was how insanely deep the footing was. Not sure about why they did that...). We unloaded the horses and then went and registered for our classes. We had it in mind that the show started at 10...until we were promptly informed that it was starting at 9! Oops! The Open English Pleasure class that I was riding Qmare in was at the top of the show bill so suddenly we were in a hurry!

I changed into my un-put-together-college-kid riding attire (I was soooooooo annoyed with my self, having taken my tall boots home for my lesson the week before and NOT bringing them back) and got on Qmare for the second time ever. She's such a good mare. We warmed-up behind the trailers and while she was a tad looky, she more than willingly obliged my requests. I really really enjoyed riding her and was so thankful that Liz gave my the opportunity! She's a very sensitive mare and knows a lot of leg and seat cues and I was quite impressed with her. Liz really has done such a fabulous job with both her and Griffin!

Thankfully, there were some trail-type classes before ours so that gave us more than enough time to get situated and we were waiting for our class by the time it was ready to start. I guess this is when I should mention that the day before I looked at the show bill Liz had sent me and noticed that up in the corner it listed the Judge's name. Yup, that would be my Equine Science professor. Small world.

So when she looked at me, she had the weirdest look on her face...I don't think she was expecting to see me there lol Awkward.

Q and I were in a class full of quarter horses, which was to be expected. They are so slow moving and this mare is definitely not. Like I said BIG gaits for such a little mare (in a nice FORWARD way, not at all in an unbalanced way!). Her walk and trot transitions were perfect and in the moments that she got distracted by what was going on outside the arena, I kepy her busy with some baby leg yielding. She was quite willing to go to work! The only big issues we had was mostly a pilot error on my part. Q wasn't particularly pleased with how deep the footing was and my canter cue was quite strong enough. So the transition wasn't the greatest tracking left. Oh well. My bad. It was much better tracking right, partly because I was more ready for needing a slightly stronger aid.

We ended up taking fourth, which I pretty much expected with the class of QH and the bad transition, but not too terribly shabby for having had such a short period of time to figure eachother out! Q was so so good and I was proud of how well she handled it. Good MareFace!

Liz road her in the next class which was a Hunter Hack Over Fences Class (to be completely honest, I can't even pretend to know anything about these hunter-esque type classes. Definitely not my forte or where my knowledge base lies...I just kind of went with it lol).

There were three horses in that class-- a TB, a QH, and Q the awesome Arab. Q is an adorable jumper and their round was really quite good. Liz and Q ended up coming in 2nd, behind the QH...even though the QH knocked down a rail and broke gait. I'll admit that confused me a little, but then again I really can't pretend to know anything about these type of classes...

Liz and I both did two "fun" classes: Toilet Paper Race and Catalog Race. Unfortunately Griffin had a baby horse moment when some kids were messing with the arena gate and we didn't didn't last very long in the TP Race, but it was all in good fun so who cared (and if I had been Griffin, I would have thought those kids were scary too!)

I wasn't particularly good at the Catalog race because I totally took 10 years to find my page in the book, but Liz rocked it and probably would have won had they now given her a page that had already been ripped out! She stilled ended up getting a fourth place for her efforts! Go Liz and Q!

After that we un-tacked the horses and loaded back up...back to the barn we went!

Once we unloaded the horses, Liz asked if I would like to take Griffin for a spin before we left.

Ummm YES!

So I tacked him up and hopped on...and wow I was majorly impressed with Liz's youngster! She is a very nice ride and his gaits are exceptionally uphill for such a young guy. He knows his cues and clearly loves having a job (his ears were pricked the entire time I was on him) and was more-than-willing to give me both a nice forward trot and canter. What a good boy!

Liz and I then headed back to her apartment to shower and get ready for the WVU game. We drove back to Morgantown and before long The Epic 24 Hours was coming to a close. Liz dropped me off at my dorm so I could head to the football game with my friends, but not before we made the promise to do it again soon!

It was a great 24 hours and I am so glad I finally got to meet Liz, Mike, Kenai, Q, Griffin, Hodor, and Atticus. Liz has two super nice horses that she should be majorly proud of and I had a blast taking them for a spin. I seriously cannot wait until our next adventure! I promise next time to actually have my head on straight and remember to bring my camera;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Four Years.

Right about this time four years ago today, I was sitting in freshman Biology pleading with the horse gods to make that school day go a hell of a lot faster. My irritation must have been rather apparent because my two lab partners looked at be and asked what on earth was the matter with me.

"Well you see," I said," I'm buying a horse today..."

I'll never forget that day, not as long as I live...what it felt like to arrive at the barn that afternoon and see Missy out with the other boarder's pay for her with money that I have slaved and sweated for all on my wrap my arms around her neck and promise that she'd forever be with me.

And so here we are, four years later, I'm again back in freshman Biology and still getting the rep as the crazy horse girl. Some things truly never change lol

But some things do, and while I'm not sure if one can truly credit their mere existence to a horse, I often do. Without getting into the dirty personal details that no one truly cares about, I will say with firm resolve that there have been moments over the past years that the only thing that I seemed to truly have to live for was that horse. She saved me from the demons in my life. She was there when the people who were supposed to be weren't. Forever my saving grace.

Missy is my first and while I can be fairly positive she won't be my last, I do know with firm resolve that every single horse that comes after her will have the biggest shoes in the world to fill. I will forever compare ever horse I ever get on to the standards of The World's Best MareFace. She is more special than I can put into words, and there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not so incredibly thankful for the last four years.

I hope every single one of you someday know what it is like to love a horse like I love Miss. It's truly the best feeling in the entire world, there is no better high. And while I'm sad that I'm not there today to give her extra carrots and tell her how awesome she is, I know that she's a happy horse and that she lives a good life even without me there every day.

1,461 wonderful days down and so many more to come...I could not be more grateful.

Thanks for making this girl's dreams come true, Miss, you'll forever be my heart horse.

Here's a couple of my favorite pictures from over the years (actually the last six years...)